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"I have now bought 2 hearing aids from here and they are fantastic! Great customer service and fantastic price and an all round amazing experience... A personal thanks to Angela for helping me with queries!"
Laura G

"Kindly, I want to express my appreciation for your prompt action and the valuable effort in my case. I have already used the hearing aid and really I am now feeling with new status and new atmosphere... Thanks Angela, thanks all the staff who participated in this hearing aid. Thanks the man who make the programme for the device as my audiogram. Really, I am very happy with all of you."
Dr Ahmed E

"At first I was skeptical about ordering something so important online. But my husband convinced me and with the warranty still in place, I gave it a try. I ordered Phonak's and today took them to my regular audiologist. They are wonderful! I'm so happy with what I purchased. The service was fantastic, always communicating with me and all my questions were answered in a timely manner. I am very pleased and glad I decided to take a chance."
Terrie B.

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Phonak ComPilot

phonak compilot
3 product stars
$500.00 $350.00

Phonak ComPilot Summary

The ComPilot by Phonak.

With the ComPilot, Phonak has combined 3 functions into one device. With the ComPilot wearers can wirelessly access TV audio, stereo from MP3 players, and BlueTooth enabled phones. And all of this is hands free.

When using the phone option a neck loop is connected and the ComPilot hangs around your neck for 8 hours of continuous streaming of Phonak's StereoSound. Remove the neck loop and ComPilot becomes your remote control and easily fits in your pocket.The ComPilot communicates with VoiceAlerts rather than the beeps in older devices.


Wireless technologies - BlueTooth 2.1, HiBan
Streaming time - 8 hour
Phone options - Voice dial, call repeat, hold call, transfer call, caller ID
Microphone - Internal Directional with speech enhancer and optional external microphone
Remote control - Volume and program adjustments
LED readout - Voice Alerts
Neckloop - Removable and comes in 2 lengths

ComPilot is compatible with these Phonak instruments
    • Ambra
    • Solana
    • Cassia
    • All Audeo S models
    • Exélia Art
    • Exélia
    • Certéna
    • Naida S
    • Audéo YES
    • Nios micro


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Customer Reviews
6 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
lost - Ronald Glab - 12/15/2012
Lost my compilot on 9th day neck loop must of come apart under my coat and I haven;t been able to find it,

5 product stars
Neck loop Com Pilot - maria Trumph - 7/10/2014
The Neck Loop should be made with better, thicker and more wearable wire material is very very bad. not happy as my neck loop broke off while wearing it.

3 product stars
Compilot - Karen - 3/22/2016
I have had my compilot just over a year. It has stopped charging. I too have had issues with the neck loop as several times the compilot has unattached. Once sitting in a restaurant I had it under my blouse, and I found it on the floor. Another time while walking I found it on the ground. Not good. Otherwise, I love it for phone and tv. Hoping to go in to see why it won't charge both the power and audio lights stay red.

3 product stars
Neck loop - Kerry Tate - 4/28/2015
My neck loop continually drops my campilot with the slightest aggravation. For instance my hand bag strap and seat belt on contact cause it to fall off. I'm very disappointed and tend not to use the Compilot as much as I would due to this fault.

1 product stars
Lost Fell off Wires - Darla Wilkins - 1/18/2013
Lost compilot less than two weeks after i got it still have the wires that go around neck. Fell off while wearing now lost.

1 product stars
neck loop fell off no good - maria trumph - 7/10/2014
The neck loop should be made better very very dissapointed. Unless phonak would like to send me a replacement.

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