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"I have now bought 2 hearing aids from here and they are fantastic! Great customer service and fantastic price and an all round amazing experience... A personal thanks to Angela for helping me with queries!"
Laura G

"Kindly, I want to express my appreciation for your prompt action and the valuable effort in my case. I have already used the hearing aid and really I am now feeling with new status and new atmosphere... Thanks Angela, thanks all the staff who participated in this hearing aid. Thanks the man who make the programme for the device as my audiogram. Really, I am very happy with all of you."
Dr Ahmed E

"At first I was skeptical about ordering something so important online. But my husband convinced me and with the warranty still in place, I gave it a try. I ordered Phonak's and today took them to my regular audiologist. They are wonderful! I'm so happy with what I purchased. The service was fantastic, always communicating with me and all my questions were answered in a timely manner. I am very pleased and glad I decided to take a chance."
Terrie B.

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Phonak Ambra

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Phonak Ambra Summary

Phonak Ambra fitting range

Phonak Ambra fitting range covers mild to profound hearing losses, all audiometric configurations

Choose to understand everywhere

Phonak offers a host of new proven high-performance features for most delightful hearing, everywhere, every single day.

WaterResistant solutions

The Phonak M H2O series is for people with a mild to severe hearing loss who are interested in high performing, highly reliable and discreet hearing aids. These products are water, sweat, moisture and dust resistant! 
This means that you can embrace the unexpected joys of life with care-free confidence instead of planning your life around them!


Enjoy a fuller spectrum of audible sounds.
This feature makes high pitched sounds, which are normally difficult to hear even with amplification, more audible.

UltraZoom Standard

In noisy situations with several people talking around you, UltraZoom automatically zooms to the voices coming from the font. Noise from the side and back is reduced. 


Eliminate annoying whistling.
Whistling sounds in hearing aids are annoying and can be embarrassing, WhistleBlock suppresses feedback before it becomes audible to you or people around you.

NoiseBlock Standard

Experience comfortable hearing.
NoiseBlock suppresses loud meaningless background noise like engines or fans without reducing the speech sounds you want to hear.

More Features & Benefits

SoundFlow - Continuous and instant optimization to all environments
Acoustically Optimized Vent (AOV) - Minimum occlusion
QuickSync - Control both instruments with one touch


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Phonak Ambra Consumer Flyer
application/pdf icon Phonak M H2O Consumer Flyer
application/pdf icon Phonak M H2O User Guide
application/pdf icon Phonak BTE User Guide

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