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"I have now bought 2 hearing aids from here and they are fantastic! Great customer service and fantastic price and an all round amazing experience... A personal thanks to Angela for helping me with queries!"
Laura G

"Kindly, I want to express my appreciation for your prompt action and the valuable effort in my case. I have already used the hearing aid and really I am now feeling with new status and new atmosphere... Thanks Angela, thanks all the staff who participated in this hearing aid. Thanks the man who make the programme for the device as my audiogram. Really, I am very happy with all of you."
Dr Ahmed E

"At first I was skeptical about ordering something so important online. But my husband convinced me and with the warranty still in place, I gave it a try. I ordered Phonak's and today took them to my regular audiologist. They are wonderful! I'm so happy with what I purchased. The service was fantastic, always communicating with me and all my questions were answered in a timely manner. I am very pleased and glad I decided to take a chance."
Terrie B.

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Hansaton Lumeo Standard 8 Channel

hansaton lumeo
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Hansaton Lumeo Standard 8 Channel Summary

Hansaton Lumeo

LUMEO - another step toward the future.
Satisfy your need for greater freedom at the best price.

Hansaton Espria People are the priority for HANSATON. This is why we are meeting the needs of many hearing aid users for greater freedom with a new Bluetooth-enabled range of Comfort Class hearing aids.

LUMEO by HANSATON offers cutting-edge technology, multimedia-based comfort and award-winning design with exceptional value for money.

Discover a new level of comfort in Comfort Class courtesy of HANSATON.

hansaton lumeoLUMEO X-Mini.
The tiny designer housing exhibits numerous innovations - an excellent choice.

"We are conquering a new world full of opportunities!”
LUMEO by HANSATON - hearing made a resonant delight

Better, undisturbed hearing with Sound Impulse Management.

Intelligent Sound Management means providing the best hearing conditions in all situations. This also entails recognizing and effectively reducing abrupt signals such as clattering plates, rustling paper and slamming doors. Naturally, hearing quality must not be compromised in the process.

Only lets the good sounds through: Active Feedback Block 2G.

Annoying whistling caused by feedback stands no chance with LUMEO. The Active Feedback Block 2G ensures that these sounds are immediately detected, marked and prevented from passing any further.

In a hearing aid with open auditory canal, the new Open Optimizer ensures feedback-free hearing comfort.

Service down to the last detail: with particularly pleasant acoustics.

"Melody Beeps" are the LUMEO warning signals in the form of different melodies, which sound, for example, if you change the program or volume, or need to change the battery. Your hearing aid will also make you aware that it is time for a recommended service appointment with your hearing aid professional by sounding a discreet signal.
“Hard to believe that something so tiny can make such a difference.”
The tiny LUMEO X-Mini produces complex worlds of sound. Its external receiver operates directly at the source, making it one of the smallest behind-the-ear systems in the world.


A subtle optical trick is also utilized in the design, with an elegant two-tone special finish making the LUMEO X-Mini even more sophisticated than other mini hearing aids.
If you want to change colors, your acoustician can simply fit a new upper shell.

LUMEO X-Mini at a glance:
  • Latest technology and external positioning of the receiver ensure that the housing is tiny
  • Modern openness: natural sound quality without blocking the auditory canal
  • Three receivers for all hearing needs (45/55/65 dB), in several lengths
  • The smallest external receiver currently available - fits almost invisibly and flexibly in your ear canal
  • Suitable for mild to profound hearing losses
  • Fitting with a range of domes or earmolds
  • Right/left side identification and on/off with battery compartment
"I like it: a real plus for comfort and design."

LUMEO Mini impresses with its modern technology which is connected to the ear canal via a barely visible transparent tube. In addition: its exquisite two-color special paintwork and elegant curvaceous accents provide a design combination which has already won awards and a nomination for the German Design Award.

But there are also advantages as regards comfort: The new LUMEO Mini has an extra program pushbutton on its housing to allow modes to be switched without having to use a remote control.

LUMEO Mini: excellent designer housing offering greater comfort.

  • Suitable for everything ranging from mild to profound hearing loss
  • Adaptation to a mini tube or earmold
  • Convenient program pushbutton on the housing
  • Dirt and moisture-repellent nano-coating
  • Right / left side identification and on / off with a battery compartement
"The finest solution for my needs."

So slim that one can hardly suspect how much power is contained within: The new LUMEO Slim from HANSATON provides the most elegant and superior performance that this hearing aid manufacturer has to offer.

Select your individual hearing aid: Thanks to its interchangeable outer shell design, its two-color special paintwork and its eight natural shades, LUMEO offers much scope for individual preferences.

The rocker switch on the housing is another new feature: it can be used as a volume control or as a program pushbutton. Your hearing aid professional can set the function as you wish.

LUMEO Slim: the new, slimline hearing aid with its attractive details.

  • Suitable for mild to moderate hearing losses
  • Fitting with an earmold (mini tube possible)
  • With a new rocker switch that can be used as a volume control or a program pushbutton
  • Dirt and moisture-repellent nano-coating
  • Right / left side identification and on / off with a battery compartement
“It should be possible to hear well and look good!”
LUMEO – designed to be naturally attractive.


Discerning hearing aid users have long refused to wear just anything on their ear – and this is a good thing. Hearing aid manufacturer HANSATON has proven once more with LUMEO that it is possible to produce outstanding designer hearing aids at reasonable prices.

Innovative technology combined with an attractive design – international award panels agree that this is a prize-winning idea.

“Outstanding comfort in Comfort Class – LUMEO hearing aids.”
Intelligent communication: i-com2 with Bluetooth.

Two hearing aids that communicate with and automatically adjust to each other: i-com2 provides a completely synchronized hearing experience at the highest level.

i-com2 offers another dimension with Bluetooth-compatible Media remote control.
Bluetooth enables you to use linked hearing aids like a headset when making telephone calls. When listening to music or the television, your hearing aids work like intelligent stereo headphones.

LUMEO via media – connected with the whole world.

Use all the modern media with top sound quality and the highest level of comfort:

  • Connect to your cell phone or landline
  • Connect to your television (with Media Transmitter)
  • Connect to external signal sources, such as your MP3 player or CD and DVD player in your home entertainment system


Naturally the LUMEO range also includes:

eMote2, the classic hearing aid remote control. non-wireless version of LUMEO is available in some countries, only.

At a glance: LUMEO by HANSATON.
  • LUMEO is the new Comfort Class product from the HANSATON hearing aid factory, offering greater freedom at the best price.
  • LUMEO is another step towards the future with well-balanced technology and multimedia-based comfort.
  • LUMEO is an outstanding design, elaborate handwork and cutting-edge manufacturing in one product range.
  • LUMEO is an innovation for pure hearing pleasure, with more options for daily use:

Sound Impulse Management for comfortable hearing without disturbance from sudden, abrupt signals.
Active Feedback Block 2G with Open Optimizer: the latest next-generation phase cancellation feedback management. Annoying whistling is a thing of the past.
i-com2: always automatically synchronizes both hearing aids for much improved speech intelligibility and directional hearing, especially in a noisy environment.
Bluetooth functionality: for multi-media use of your hearing aids with elegant and innovative Media remote control.

LUMEO is the hearing aid that gives you freedom to conquer a new world.
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