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"I have now bought 2 hearing aids from here and they are fantastic! Great customer service and fantastic price and an all round amazing experience... A personal thanks to Angela for helping me with queries!"
Laura G

"Kindly, I want to express my appreciation for your prompt action and the valuable effort in my case. I have already used the hearing aid and really I am now feeling with new status and new atmosphere... Thanks Angela, thanks all the staff who participated in this hearing aid. Thanks the man who make the programme for the device as my audiogram. Really, I am very happy with all of you."
Dr Ahmed E

"At first I was skeptical about ordering something so important online. But my husband convinced me and with the warranty still in place, I gave it a try. I ordered Phonak's and today took them to my regular audiologist. They are wonderful! I'm so happy with what I purchased. The service was fantastic, always communicating with me and all my questions were answered in a timely manner. I am very pleased and glad I decided to take a chance."
Terrie B.

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Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak Hearing Aids 

Phonak Hearing Aids


Phonak offers a complete range of digital hearing instruments, along with high tech specialty products and complementary wireless communications systems. Phonak Hearing Aids goal is to improve the quality of life of people with hearing loss. Phonak is the innovative force in hearing acoustics. With their creative solutions, Phonak hearing aids strive to overcome technological limitations - so that all people are able to hear, understand and fully enjoy life's rich landscapes of sound.   Phonak hearing aids have excellent build and sound quality.  Phonak Hearing Aids provide first class Hearing delight.  See below for details of the latest Phonak Hearing Aids.

Phonak hearing aids: Overview

We are thrilled to introduce Phonak Audéo Q and Phonak Naída Q based on the unique Binaural VoiceStream Technology™. With the addition of a RIC and Power family the Quest platform now offers targeted solutions from mild to profound hearing loss.

Phonak Audéo Q          Phonak Audéo Q - Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aid


While RIC clients need extra help in challenging listening environments, they place a premium on sound quality and discreet fit. The new Audéo Q, based on the Quest platform, addresses these needs.

  • RIC portfolio based on Quest platform technology
  • Four performance levels from Premium to Essential
  • Three designs including a telecoil model
  • A broad range of attractive colors
  • Tinnitus Balance noise generator in every Audéo Q
  • A new generation of compact receivers

Phonak Naída Q         Phonak Naída Q - Powerful Hearing Aid


The power portfolio that can optimize audibility and enable understanding even in the most challenging listening situations.

  • Four performance levels, from Premium to Essential
  • Includes RIC model
  • Power SlimTube option for added aesthetic appeal
  • New receivers offer higher fit rate
  • WaterResistant

Phonak Ambra


Phonak Ambra is the premium flagship of the Phonak Spice Generation technology.  Phonak Ambra is available in 14 different styles. All of them are leading the industry in terms of miniaturization and performance, not to mention robustness and convenience. The Phonak Ambra can automatically adapt to the ever-changing environments of your life – from a quiet conversation to listening to music to a noisy restaurant. Plus, only a Phonak Ambra has DuoPhone, which lets you hear a voice on the phone in both ears – as soon as you hold the handset to your ear.  Speech clarity is impressive and background noise is reduced.  Advanced features such as Premium Ultra Zoom and Sound Flow allow the Phonak Ambra to be at the forefront of its generation.  Pairing the Phonak TV Link with your Ambra brings TV sound directly to your ears, so you and your family can adjust the volume separately and enjoy watching TV together.

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Phonak Solana


Phonak Solana based on the new Spice Generation platform, offers a complete product line including a wide range of custom products as well as micro BTE and traditional BTE, accommodating mild to profound hearing losses.  The Phonak Solana provides lots of the features found in the premium Phonak Ambra.  The Phonak Solana is advanced enough to ensure good performance in difficult environments but with an affordable price tag for tighter budgets.  With features such as Advanced Zoom Control, Sound Recover, Whisleblock, WIndblock and FlexVolume the Phonak Solana offers the flexibility and advanced technology to deal with a busy lifestyle.

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Phonak Cassia


The Phonak Cassia allows you to benefit from the amazing features of Phonak's new Spice technology but at an affordable price.  It has good overall performance and is particularly suitable for lifestyles where sound quality is important.  With Standard Ultra Zoom and Noise block technology it makes understanding in background noise comfortable and easy.  The Sound recover feature means that through the Phonak Cassia you can enjoy a fuller spectrum of audible sounds.  The Phonak Cassia gives you the flexibility to connect directly to mobile phones, TV's MP3 Players etc.

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Phonak Audeo S Mini/Smart/Yes

To suit your personal preferences, Phonak Audéo S offers tasteful combinations of design and colour. Models include the Phonak Audeo S Smart, Phonak Audeo S Yes, and the Phonak Audeo S Mini.  You will be surprised at how discreet  these hearing aids are. Phonak Audéo S is easy to use, has won four design awards and is built to last.  With fetaures such as Sound Recover, FlexVolume, Whisleblock, SoundFlow, Zoom Control and Windblock, and the ability to connect to wireless accessories, performance and value wise the Phonak Audeo S is unbeatable.

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Phonak M H20

The new Phonak M H2O series is designed for people with a mild to severe hearing loss who are interested in high performing, highly reliable and discreet hearing aids. These new products have achieved the Ingress Protection Rating IP67. This means they are water, sweat, moisture and dust resistant.

The Phonak M H2O is available in three price performance levels to suit your personal preferences or budget.

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Phonak CROS

The new Phonak CROS is the smallest, most stylish and technologically advanced wireless CROS/BiCROS solution designed to meet your individual needs and preferences. It is available in a BTE or ITE style. Phonak CROS consists of only two parts, a transmitter microphone for the ear that cannot benefit from a hearing aid, and a receiver hearing aid on the better hearing ear. This means that when sound comes from your poorer hearing side it will be wirelessly sent to your better ear. This will enable you to hear sounds regardless of where they come from.  Phonak CROS Features include Sound Flow, QuickSync, Real Ear Sound and Signal Alerts.  With the Phonak BiCROS system, you will also have access to the Spice Platform features such as Automatic SoundFlow, UltraZoom, WhistleBlock, NoiseBlock, SoundRecover and manual programs.  The Phonak CROS is the ultimate CROS/BiCROS solution thanks to the Phonak Spice Generation.

Naida S

Naída is the innovative offering in the Power segment, designed for moderately-severe to profound hearing losses. All Naída models offer with SoundRecover exceptional levels of audibility and clarity, an esthetically appealing design, Water Resistance, and more.

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Milo Plus

Phonak Milo Plus fulfills the promise that a Phonak is for everyone. Now, you can benefit from essential elements of CORE technology without exceeding your budget. Phonak Milo Plus accommodates virtually all degrees of hearing loss. Featuring Whisleblock technology for feedback free hearing, Noise-block Processing, Acousically Optimized Venting, and more, it has great overall performance at superb value.

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Phonak Accessories


Phonak ComPilot

Tphonak audeo minihe smart 3-in-1 accessory  

The newest addition to the Phonak AccessLine, the multi-function Phonak ComPilot, is guaranteed to delight both you with: 

- An integrated remote control 

 -       Wireless connectivity with over 8 hours of streaming 

- Informational VoiceAlerts 

 Integrated remote control 

The built-in remote control is designed for maximum impact and ease of use, affording convenient program and volume changes. When ComPilot is used just as a remote control, the neckloop can be removed. It also offers the convenience of on-board volume control for streamed signals. 

Wireless connectivity with over 8 hours of streaming 

ComPilot provides versatile, StereoSound Bluetooth connectivity for easy wireless access to TVs, MP3 players, phones or an FM system, to name but a few. Streaming time has increased to an amazing 8 hours or more of continuous, robust wireless transmission. The replaceable neckloop, now available in 2 lengths, means wearers will always have ComPilot right where they need it. It guarantees proper placement for stable streaming, best voice quality for phoning and keeps hands free. 

ComPilot is ideal for enjoyable phone conversations for all. To guarantee excellent sound quality for the call partner, ComPilot uniquely employs a dual microphone system, enhancing voice pickup, especially for calls in noisy environments. If the ComPilot is worn under clothing, there is also the option of an external microphone for improved call quality. ComPilot is compatible with virtually all Bluetooth enabled or adapted mobile and landline telephones. When coupled with the Phonak TVLink S, the ComPilot offers an unrivalled listening experience. The extremely fast transmission from TV to hearing instruments combined with StereoSound provides excellent sound quality. Plus, true ‘plug & play’ and a one-step set-up mean that the TVLink S is ready to go in less than 60 seconds. 

Informational VoiceAlerts 

ComPilot is the first accessory to offer the benefit of spoken alerts, making it easier than ever for wearers to interact with their hearing systems. There are various types of VoiceAlerts which provide practical spoken information such as low battery warnings, input source selection and telephone caller name announcement. Uniquely, Caller Identification automatically announces the incoming caller’s name as it appears on the mobile phone display. If desired, VoiceAlerts can be configured during the fitting process to suit individual client needs. ComPilot is the perfect companion, offering true convenience, wireless freedom and the reassurance of VoiceAlerts. 

Phonak PilotOne

PilotOne focuses on the essentials when it comes to discreet control, clever simplicity and user-friendly ergonomic design. It has no display but allows the flexibility of changing programs and volume adjustments. Certain features are left out in order to accomodate a smaller size  



Phonak myPilot


Phonak myPilot is a remote control with a color LCD display. It is a great choice for users who want access to a multitude of functions, including status information. It can be automized depending on your needs. There is more flexibility with this remote but comes in the larger size. Users can take advantage of the zoomcontrol and adjust the volume of the hearing aids individually.  Perfect for those who need visual help with their rpogram and volume changes.





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